নিল দরিয়ার প্রেম
Abdul Haye, শুক্রবার, জানুয়ারি ১১, ২০১৩
Poetry enthusiasts and book fanatics are in for a new poetic read as poet-author Abdul Haye Amin presents “The Islands Historia De Amor”. Released through Xlibris, this book contains a number of poems that will amuse and entertain readers. “The Islands Historia De Amor” is a charming book inspired by love. It contains poems touching on various subjects such as Christianity and Islam, the way of the holy Saints and the Prophets sent for the people to guide them to the true path toward the Almighty (God) Allah, and to the eternal Kingdom. It also depicts admiration and thoughts about the British Channel Islands, insights on cultural heritage, religion, love, and romance. Written in English and soon in other languages, the poems in this collection also share memories of the Island of Jersey and Guernsey. This book will surely inspire anyone. Through “The Islands Historia De Amor”, readers will have a glimpse into the poet’s heart and mind that is full of love and admiration for the significant things that he finds very memorable and inspiring. For more information, log on to বাংলা ফেস বুক: 'নিল দরিয়ার প্রেম'

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